CEO, John Kim

“ VK Mask with Mysterious Filters coated by Fermented-Salts!”

Salts have antiviral properties and have been used long as a preservative.

Our salts being coated on filters are fermented naturally in very preserved beaches under the sea wind sunshine for 5 years. It can be specially used to fight Coronavirus, bacteria as well as to prevent yellow sandy dust, micro dust particles,allergens, and air pollution.

With the goal of delivering the best value in hygienic mask industry, we focus on improving  quality and developing the technology of the salt-coated filters so that people can protect from all the infected viruses and bacteria, allergens, particle micro dust, yellow sandy dust, and airborne contaminants.

We keep researching to improve our products to play as air-purifying respirators that protect respiratory organs by filtering viruses and particle contaminants out of the air as you breathe.