What does VK Mask protect from?

VK Mask is used to protect you from viruses, bacteria, airborne contaminants, air pollution, yellow sandy dust, particle allergens, and particle dust.

What is VK Mask made of?

The filters in VK Masks are coated with fermented salt. Cotton and microfibers are used as inner and outer layers of the mask.

The salt used in the filters are certified orthodox Kosher compliant.  The salt is edible without any additives. It does not contain iodine.


How long will VK Mask last?

The salt-coated pad can be anti-viral and its functions can last up to 3 weeks.


How do I care VK Mask in use?

VK Masks can be hand washed to maintain cleanliness from food and make up stains. Hand wash in cold water for 2 minutes and dry in sun light for best results.