1. Special sea salt for special mask: It is a wide known fact among science community that salt kills virus and bacteria. The salt used in VK Masks are fermented for many years in natural environment of the sun and the wind of Baja California. This organically made salt disinfects with great potency that many consider best in the world. The salt is Kosher certified.

2. Patented virus filter that kills virus on contact: The patented virus filters are treated with fermented sea salt to maximize security against virus inhalation. Unlike conventional masks that trap pathogens within the fabric which allows them to survive for extended period of time, VK Masks kill germs on contact. This immediate disinfecting quality prevents further growth and spreading of germs as long as the mask remains worn.

3. 100% cotton: VK Masks are 100% cotton for excellent breathability and softness. VK Masks can be gently hand washed for 1– 2 minutes with cold water in order to clean the fabric (up to 2 times)

4. VK Masks are cost effective: Unlike conventional single use pathogenic masks on the market, each VK Masks can be worn up to 3 weeks before replacement is needed.